RAIN Workshop: Demonstration of the Risk-Based Decision Making Framework for Critical Infrastructure Exposed to Extreme Weather Events – A Finnish Application

A workshop to demonstrate the RAIN risk-based decision making framework for critical infrastructure exposed to extreme weather events took place at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (Helsinki) on 16th February 2017. Over 30 participants attended, including researchers, members of governmental institutions, members of the Finnish emergency and rescue services, as well as critical infrastructure owners and operators.

Key stakeholders and experts were presented with the risk-based decision making framework that has been developed within the RAIN project to evaluate the potential impacts of extreme weather events on critical land-based, energy and telecommunications infrastructure. The workshop specifically focussed upon extreme weather events in Finland and the associated risks, including the extreme storm surge event that occurred in the Gulf of Finland in January 2005.

A number of guest speakers spoke at the workshop in relation to critical infrastructure protection from extreme weather events, including Peter Johansson from the East Uusimaa Fire and Rescue Services, and Mats Fagerström from Helen Oy, one of the largest energy companies in Finland.

An interactive working session was hosted by Peter Prak during the afternoon session to gather input from participants and to facilitate the development of a Bayesian Network model to evaluate the societal, security and economic risks associated with the occurrence of extreme storm surge events in the Gulf of Finland.

The workshop presentations can be downloaded here:

Overview of RAIN Project – Timo Hellenberg, Hellenberg International
Risk-Based Decision Making Framework – Noel van Erp, TU Delft
Coastal & Riverine Flood Hazard in Finland in the European Context – Dominik Paprotny, TU Delft
Finnish Case Study: Bayesian Network Modelling – Julie Clarke, Roughan & O’Donovan Innovative Solutions
Preparation for Extreme Weather Conditions in Itä-Uusimaa Rescue Services – Peter Johansson, Fire and Rescue Services, East Uusimaa.
24/7 is a Fact: Man or Machine? – Mats Fagerström, Helen Oy.
Present and Future Risk of Winter Weather to Critical Infrastructure – Andrea Vajda, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Safety Weather Service – Towards Better Understanding and Communicating of Impacts. Case ‘Rauli’ 27.08.2016 – Paavo Korpela, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Crisis Coordination & Response Arrangement in the EU – Pekka Visuri and Timo Hellenberg, Hellenberg International
Working Session: Finnish Case Study – Peter Prak, PSJ Security & Judgment