About the project

The scope of the project

System vulnerability
& hazard identification

The objectives of System Vulnerability and Hazard identification are threefold:

  • 1

    Identification of extreme weather events to be analysed by RAIN, by defining appropriate intensity thresholds and by taking into account regional differences in vulnerability and climate.

  • 2

    Assessment of the present state-of-the-art forecast systems for extreme weather and their characteristics, to address and estimate their predictive skill.

  • 3

    Assessment of the frequency of weather hazards throughout Europe for both the present and future climate.

Land & transport

Land transport infrastructure refers to road and rail transport modes.

The analysis of Land and transport Vulnerability will identify critical land transport infrastructure, review its failures and the current means of protecting them .

By using social/economic markers, this task will also develop an understanding of how infrastructure failure leads to societal vulnerability and insecurity.

Energy & Telecom

This task relates to the identification of critical Energy and Telecommunication infrastructures, the current ways to protect them and experienced failures.

Moreover, it investigates how failure of such infrastructures leads to societal vulnerability and insecurity.

Identification of potential risk on the Energy and Telecommunication infrastructure will be addressed through a wide approach, by analysing Failure Case Studies, protection methods adopted and how those failures have affected the society.

This task will provide an exhaustive review of Energy and Telecommunication infrastructures, interdependencies, failures and impact, as well as the modelling of the forecasting modules required to improve security.