Presentations from RAIN Consortium

Presentations from RAIN Consortium

In this page the list of presentations given by partners at several events (seminars, workshops, fairs) have been collected.
Every document is available to be downloaded.

From RAIN Final Event

Extreme weather events and infrastructures: assessing the impacts, mitigating the consequence

An overview of RAIN project  – Alan O’Connor, coordinator of RAIN project (TCD)
Establishing and Modelling the Exceedance of Severe Weather Thresholds: Today and Considering Climate ChangePieter Groenemeijer (European Severe Storms Laboratory)
A Risk Assessment Tool for Assessing the Vulnerability of Electrical and Telecommunication Infrastructures to Extreme Weather EventsXavier Clotet (Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada, S.L.)
Assessing Societal Vulnerability to the Failure of Critical Land Transport Infrastructure during Extreme Weather Events  – Maria Luskova & Michal Titko (The University of Žilina)
Decision Support Tools for Infrastructures’ Owners and Operators. Improving Resilience in the face of Extreme Weather EventsPeter Prak (PSJ Project) & Chiara Bianchizza (Istituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia)
Application of a Risk-Based Decision Making Framework for Critical Infrastructure Exposed to Extreme Weather EventsJulie Clarke (Roughan & O’Donovan Innovative Solutions)
Crisis Coordination and Response Planning under Extreme Weather Events. A Finnish Case Study – Timo Hellenberg (Hellenberg International)
Technical Solutions for Risk MitigationKenneth Gavin (TU Delft)
The National Road Network – Implementing a Strategy for Adapting to Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change – Current Status and Future ChallengesBilly O’Keeffe (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) – INTACT Project

From RAIN Workshops

Critical infrastructure safety in context of climate change

Climate change and weather modelling

Hazardous past weather events 

From external event

Scientific Publications