RAIN Workshop: Critical infrastructure safety in context of climate change

DSC05964The workshop on Critical infrastructure safety in context of climate change took place at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) on 4th April 2016. It has drawn 38 participants, including members of governmental institutions, consultancies, research institutes, also from outside the Netherlands.

It was a platform to present the latest results of the RAIN project and discuss them with experts and end users. The speakers introduced both theoretical models and practical tools, together with providing detailed examples of extreme event impacts through case studies. An invited speech from STREST project was also an opportunity to discuss the different approaches to critical infrastructure safety.

The event concluded in a panel discussion involving both the event presenters and interested stakeholders. The panelists expressed the need of closer cooperation between researchers and end users, especially government institutions. It was also stressed that solutions other than hard engineering need to be better quantified, e. g. policy measures or rescue operations.

Here you can download the presentations made during the workshop: