RAIN workshop on hazardous past weather events

Wetterturm_090217“The RAIN workshop on hazardous past weather events at the Freie Universitaet in Berlin on 27 February 2015 was a big success, bringing together very interested stakeholders and the RAIN researchers. Different extreme event types were actively discussed, and a panel discussion at the end of the workshop tried to nail down what we can learn from past events. The discussion revealed how different needs from CI stakeholders can be, and that regarding warnings individual arrangements between CI providers and a weather service will often be the optimum solution. The outcomes of the workshop will feed into the next working steps in RAIN work package 2, where existing early warning systems are being analysed and recommendations for improvement formulated. And we enjoyed a wonderful hospitality from our colleagues at the FU Berlin, who provided a great environment!” said Alois M. Holzer from the European Severe Storms Laboratory, co-organizer of the RAIN-Workshop and panel-host in Berlin.

Here you can read all the presentations:

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