The Extreme Weather Risk Assessment Tool

The Extreme Weather Risk Assessment Tool developed within the RAIN project by Grupo AIA has been released under MIT license.
The risk assessment tool allows a reproducible workflow that integrates weather threats and physical context to estimate the social impact described by specific markers, useful for decision support (in planning and operation) and the analysis of what-if scenarios.
The webtool has been developed to help owners, stakeholders, policy makers to choose the best protection option.
The webtool source code has been made publicly available at Github.
If you are interested in extending or reusing it, please, feel free to do so! Contact information of the authors is also provided for comments, questions or suggestions.
A beta demo version of the webtool was also publicly available during a couple of months. Currently, it is being transferred to a more permanent server. Its new address will be provided at the Github information page of the tool as soon as the webtool is available again.
Demo videos of the usage of (previous versions of) the webtool are available on YouTube.